Integrated maintenance of restaurants: electrical installation works, locksmith works, finishing works; maintenance of climate control systems, water supply, sewerage, refrigeration equipment, advertising structures, dispatching etc.

Integrated maintenance of restaurants

Cafes and Restaurants facility management and maintenance

24 regions of Ukraine
200+ specialists in the state
12+ years of experience

Tekhpodderzhka is the largest independent maintenance service company in Ukraine that provides national coverage using its own resources.

We provide technical support for all engineering systems of commercial facilities, including our special focus on comprehensive service maintenance and repair of restaurant and café chains.

With more than ten years of experience, our professionals will confidently handle any technical difficulties that may arise during the operation of your chain of restaurants or cafés. Contract us, and you will no longer have to deal with day-to-day problems associated with the operation of your premises, utilities, equipment and will be able to focus on your primary activities.

Maintenance for cafés and restaurants at Tekhpodderzhka

In case of any technical issues with your restaurant or café, you can always rely on Tekhpodderzhka.

Our technical maintenance professionals can perform works such as:

  • Repair, installation and dismantling of utility systems: having vast experience in this area, we guarantee a professional approach and best practices when solving any issues related to the functioning of utility systems.
  • General construction and renovation works necessary to keep each restaurant in your chain well-cared-for and presentable. Services related to the redevelopment of premises, reformatting facilities, etc.
  • Locksmith services. Our team will professionally provide service repairs of turnstiles, barriers, elevators, metal structures and lifts, as well as service the entrance units and spaces in every restaurant or café.

Service maintenance for chain restaurants and cafés at Tekhpodderzhka

Tekhpodderzhka offers a full range of technical services for restaurant chains, which will help you avoid unnecessary staff costs and ensure the proper maintenance for each of your facilities, as well as prevent emergencies. After all, any emergency is a direct threat to the operation of your establishment.

  • Repair and installation of electrical networks in cafés
    Our professionals carry out both large-scale electrical works and minor service repairs of electrical facilities. And our clients can count on the highest quality service in restaurants.
  • Service repair and installation of air conditioners, ventilation systems
    We repair climate control systems such as heating boilers, split systems, rooftops. We provide constant monitoring of the technical condition of equipment throughout the entire chain of restaurants/cafés, regular cleaning of units, performance checks, seasonal adjustment and, if necessary, urgent repairs.
  • Service repair and installation of water supply and sewerage systems in cafés and restaurants.
    Tekhpodderzhka Facility Management LLC offers a wide range of installation and service works, including service maintenance of water supply and sewerage systems in cafés and restaurants.
  • Contract us, and you can be sure that all breakdowns in your restaurants will be identified and eliminated automatically, and you will not have to waste precious time and nerves organising a solution to any such problems.
  • Maintenance of technological equipment
    We offer you our expertise and resources for service and repair of technological equipment in the chain of your cafés/restaurants. You can be sure that the service works will be in strict accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturers of the specific equipment.

Comprehensive services for chain restaurants and cafés at Tekhpodderzhka

As a commercial facility and a venue visited by a large number of people, a restaurant or a café is under a serious load on all of its technical systems: both guests and staff using the premises, communications, furniture, equipment and appliances ensure a rigorous and non-stop operation. An operation like that leads to rapid natural wear and tear and can knock out any vital element of this smoothly running machine at the most inopportune moment.

To maintain a chain restaurant business in a working order and, just as importantly, presentable condition, you need a full staff of professionals, including electricians, plumbers, experts specialising in certain equipment, locksmiths, etc.

In addition to being very expensive and difficult in terms of building a maintenance service, this approach will take a tremendous amount of your time, effort and nerves. But if you turn to professionals in facility management, comprehensive technical support for your restaurants or cafés will become a simple and easy-to-understand process that will allow you to focus on the growth and development of your business instead of solving day-to-day problems.

Tekhpodderzhka will also provide you with all the necessary resources and tools for ease of interaction, recording and control over the performance of all your tasks.

Your café or restaurant chain will be provided with:

  • Dispatch service available 24/7;
  • Access to the request recording and control program;
  • Access to a mobile application that allows you to always have any information related to the technical condition of your restaurants or cafés at your fingertips.

Services for restaurants

Electrical Installation Works

Electrical installation works and maintenance of electrical facilities is one area among other activities of our Company. We have been working in this industry since 2009 and currently our specialists have huge experience in the field of electrical installation works at high powered facilities with complex power distribution system. The common examples of such facilities are supermarkets and shopping centers, in other words, buildings with exterior and interior lighting, large number of electrical equipment, and high fire safety requirements.

Climate Control Systems: Installation and Maintenance

Different types of climate control systems are required to ensure full operation of a commercial facility (shop, bank, business center, etc.): heating boilers, split air conditioning systems, rooftops. Usually, during the warranty period, there are no special problems with this equipment but problems occur after its expiration. Air conditioners repair, boiler testing, seasonal adjustments, all these works are still necessary to carry out, but it's not easy to find specialists to perform them.

Water Supply and Sewerage

The proper operation of water supply and sewerage system is vital for both residential and commercial facilities. This utility system is the most vulnerable spot for grocery retailers, hotels, restaurants and cafes. High load and wastes specific features often result in such situation when emergency plumbing works become the norm. But sewage emergency cleanup can be easily avoided if appropriate prevention maintenance is carried out in time. Tehpidtrymka Facility Management LLC offers a wide range of installation and service works.

Integrated Buildings Maintenance

The entire list of services that we offer to our clients can be brought together as integrated maintenance of real estate. The benefits of integrated services are obvious when it comes to commercial real estate. What do you think, what are the first things clients pay attention to when they enter trade outlet, bank, cafe or hotel? On the corporate design, staff courtesy? No, the first thing they put attention to is the technical state of the facility: latest repair, proper operation of lighting, door handles and steps on the porch, and lots of other small details.

Locksmith Services

What if the front door is jammed? What if you need to repair lifts, elevators, door lock? What if turnstile could not stand the rush of visitors? Minor locksmith works are necessary to perform at any commercial facility, whether it's a store, bank, gas station or hotel. We guarantee prompt visit and professional attitude to any, even the most insignificant problems to fix which it does not make sense to hire an individual Contractor.

Maintenance of Process Equipment

Process equipment is crucial in many fields of activity, among which, of course, trade and service sector. If there is process equipment in your cafe, we are ready to offer you our experience and resources, real experts in the maintenance and repair of such equipment. You can be certain that this maintenance will be performed in strict compliance with recommendations of manufacturers of equipment in question.


You can understand the importance of such service as dispatching by answering a couple of questions: Do you want to comprehend the state of your real estate, commercial, warehouse, and other facilities? Do you want to comprehend how thoroughly and timely the technical maintenance, scheduled and emergency repairs are performed? If your answer is "Yes", then it is absolutely obvious that you cannot do without well-functioning dispatching system. Dispatching of both requests and check-lists of routine inspections is our solution for your awareness at any time of the day.

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  • Monthly fee agreement

    YOU – are doing your job and forget about everyday problems at your facility.

    WE – provide full property maintenance in accordance with agreed schedule, identifying and solving any technical problems. Besides, we are ready to react on urgent applications, if you need to deal with a problem asap.

  • Agreement based on submitted request

    YOU – submit a request outlining the scope of work (as may be required).

    WE – promptly direct our specialists to fix the problem.

  • Without a contract

    Order minor repair services online in the Domer app

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