Locksmith works, repair and installation of metal structures in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine: installation, maintenance and repair of turnstiles, boom barriers, locks, lifts, elevators; maintenance of entrance spaces; repair and installation o metal structure

What if the front door is jammed? What if you need to repair lifts, elevators, door lock? What if turnstile could not stand the rush of visitors? Minor locksmith works are necessary to perform at any commercial facility, whether it's a store, bank, gas station or hotel.

We guarantee prompt visit and professional attitude to any, even the most insignificant problems to fix which it does not make sense to hire an individual Contractor.

Repair of turnstiles, boom barriers, and other gate mechanisms

Devices designed to regulate the flow of visitors, which daily experience heavy loads and may be the first to fail.

Among the most common reasons for submitting requests are locksmith works on replacing the swing beam of boom barrier, repairing circuit breakers, tightening fasteners. We also carry out installation, dismounting, and transfer of gate mechanisms due to relocation or rearrangement.

Entrance space maintenance

Rapid repair of automatic doors is one of the most requested types of locksmith works performed for Retailers because such malfunctions result in undesired functioning of a supermarket, shopping center or other commercial facilities. But these troubles can be avoided! Tehpidtrymka Facility Management LLC will provide high-quality adjustment and maintenance of automatic doors, and if breakdown did occur we arrange a prompt visit of specialists who will quickly fix the problem.

Installation and repair of locks

Even the most reliable locks break and just when you least need it. We install, repair and maintain any locking systems, including safe box locks and lockers.

If the lock breaks there is no need for a complete replacement (except for wing key locks), in most cases, it's enough to replace the core, which is much cheaper.

Repair and maintenance of lifts, elevators

Locksmith works on maintenance maintenance of elevators and lifts is a highly requested service, nevertheless, few companies provide them. Due to our specialists' expertise and professional tools, we perform installation, repair and preventive maintenance of lifting equipment.

If required, we can supply spare parts and consumables for the repair of lifts, winches, elevators, etc.

Repair and installation of metal structures

Indoor and outdoor metal structures are present at any commercial facility. Tehpidtrymka Facility Management LLC offers installation and repair of metal structures, fences, flagstaffs, grills, railings, as well as locksmith works on construction and industrial structures made of metal.

We can repair storage rack, loading bridges and other equipment at warehouses and shopping centers.

Not all companies have their own staff of specialists to service entrance spaces and provide minor locksmith works. Our clients simply do not need this they know that it is much more profitable to conclude Customer Support Agreementand any malfunction will be fixed at an early stage before it affects the workflow.

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How do we work?

  • Monthly fee agreement

    YOU – are doing your job and forget about everyday problems at your facility.

    WE – provide full property maintenance in accordance with agreed schedule, identifying and solving any technical problems. Besides, we are ready to react on urgent applications, if you need to deal with a problem asap.

  • Agreement based on submitted request

    YOU – submit a request outlining the scope of work (as may be required).

    WE – promptly direct our specialists to fix the problem.

  • Without a contract

    Order minor repair services online in the Domer app

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