Water supply and sewerage Sewerage cleaning, repair of pipes, pumps, water pipelines

The proper operation of water supply and sewerage system is vital for both residential and commercial facilities. This utility system is the most vulnerable spot for grocery retailers, hotels, restaurants and cafes. High load and wastes specific features often result in such situation when emergency plumbing works become the norm. But sewage emergency cleanup can be easily avoided if appropriate prevention maintenance is carried out in time.

Tehpidtrymka Facility Management LLC offers a wide range of installation and service works, which includes works on water supply and sewerage. Our specialists have extensive experience in arranging water supply systems, performing sewage installation and cleanup, maintaining utility systems at facilities with a large area and complex pipe distribution system.

Water supply, sewerage, installation works

Both at operating and at the new facilities we perform prompt repair of water pipelines and installation of:

  • water pipelines of any complexity;
  • sinks, toilets and other sanitary ware;
  • pumps for pumping out;
  • water pressure controllers;
  • water treatment systems;
  • reserve water supply systems (for facilities where there are difficulties with regular water supply);
  • grease traps and filter systems that will allow avoiding sewage emergency cleanup.

Professional installation and repair of water supply systems is possible both under requesting service maintenance package and under urgent request.

Preventive sewage cleanup

The easiest and surest way to avoid problems is to perform timely preventive maintenance of utility systems. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Installation and cleaning of grease traps.
  • Water pipes flushing.
  • Sewage mechanical cleanup.
  • Repair and replacement of old pipes, wicks, valves and other elements of system.

Our clients represent commercial facilities, where each utility system is daily subjected to maximum load and any breakdown may result in loss of profits. We have all required equipment to repair the sewerage and maintain system in perfect state. By concluding Customer Support Agreement, you can be certain that: all malfunctions will be identified and fixed in independent mode.

Sewage emergency cleanup

Any utility system can fail sooner or later. The more complex the system is, the more substantial the consequences will be. We promptly visit your facility and perform urgent repairs of sewerage, as well as fix any malfunctions in work of indoor water pipelines and sewage systems.

  • Emergency repair of pipes in case of rupture.
  • Sewage emergency cleanup.
  • Emergency repair of pumps for pumping out and other equipment.
  • Repair of water supply systems after defrosting (in winter period).

You can get advice and submit a request for urgent repairs by calling us at:
(066) 010-23-84, (093) 947-73-66

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