Электромонтажные работы: цены на полный спектр услуг компании "Техподдержка"

Electrical installation works and maintenance of electrical facilities is one area among other activities of our Company. We have been working in this industry since 2009 and currently our specialists have huge experience in the field of electrical installation works at high powered facilities with complex power distribution system. The common examples of such facilities are supermarkets and shopping centers, in other words, buildings with exterior and interior lighting, large number of electrical equipment, and high fire safety requirements.

So far electrical installation works and repair of electrical facilities represent about 70% of all works performed by Tehpidtrymka Facility Management LLC. Our specialists are well aware of special features of electrical mains installation for both residential and commercial real estate, industrial premises, warehouses, etc. You can count on high quality and favorable prices for electrical installation works during performing installation works of any complexity by us.

Among our clients are such big companies as ATБ, WATSONS, Silpo, ProStor, COMFY, Брусничка, Foxtrot, the Parallel gas station and many others. We are proud that for the entire period of switchboard rooms maintenance at facilities of our Customers, there has not been a single case of electric mains ignition.

Master services:

We offer two options for work performance:

  • repair and maintenance of electric mains at operated facilities (at your request),
  • Master services for electrical installation works when opening new facilities: shops, hotels, gas stations, business centers, etc.

After works are completed, you can conclude Customer Support Agreement and in such case, we undertake to monitor proper operation of electric mains and timely fix any problems. Favorable prices for electrical installation works, as well as a wide range of problems we can fix, allow us to successfully compete with most field specific Contractors.

The range of our services includes both extensive electrical installation works and minor repairs of electrical facilities:

  • dismantling old electrical wiring and laying new one;
  • replacing power cable following powerup;
  • installing switchboards, automatic transfer switch, circuit breakers;
  • installing lighting fixtures, sockets and switches;
  • checking temperature of cable tracks;
  • replacing starting switches;
  • maintaining switchboard rooms, measuring power load;
  • covering circuit breaker terminal blocks;
  • maintaining alternative power sources.

Electrical installation works: aside from that

We also install and maintain entry phones, security cameras, security systems, and fire alarm systems. Notably, we can carry out routine inspections, replace faulty cameras and individual parts, mount downpipes, maintain power sources and provide other electrician services.

What if this list doesn't include what you need?
You may call an operator, and we certainly can help you!

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How do we work?

  • Monthly fee agreement

    YOU – are doing your job and forget about everyday problems at your facility.

    WE – provide full property maintenance in accordance with agreed schedule, identifying and solving any technical problems. Besides, we are ready to react on urgent applications, if you need to deal with a problem asap.

  • Agreement based on submitted request

    YOU – submit a request outlining the scope of work (as may be required).

    WE – promptly direct our specialists to fix the problem.

  • Without a contract

    Order minor repair services online in the Domer app

Amongst our clients and customers

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