General construction and finishing works, repair of foresides, roofs, floors. Integrated maintenance of buildings: walls finishing; repair and renovation of foresides, suspended ceilings; installation of baseboards, moldings, cornices; flooring repair etc.

It's quite simple to find specialists performing general construction works or extensive finishing works. But what to do if we are talking about minor repairs: namely replacing baseboards, cracked tiles in the sales area, painting walls, floor screeding in the back room? Most construction crews do not want to bother with such work, and yet it may be extremely necessary for the store, bank or hotel to look decent.

Construction and finishing works can not be called the main focus of our Company, but for our clients we perform general construction repair, by maintaining the facilities in good condition.

Integrated maintenance of buildings provided by Tehpidtrymka Facility Management LLC includes:

  • walls facial finishing;
  • repair and renovation of foresides;
  • repair of suspended ceilings;
  • renewal and repair of decorative elements;
  • installation of baseboards, moldings, cornices;
  • finishing and renewal of slopes;
  • flooring repair;
  • roof partial repair;
  • and other types of general construction and finishing works.

We fix any defects after moving, dismantling of trade and production equipment, if considered necessary, we can perform current repairs of premises. And if what you need is not in this list it does not mean that we can't help you.

The benefits of finishing works

We try to perform any repairs so that they do not interfere with the main activity at your facility.

When concluding Customer Support Agreement we independently identify and fix any defects by carefully monitoring the state of your facility. On works completion, you will be provided with detailed report on the work undertaken and the cost estimate for materials.

You do not have to spend time ordering and delivering consumables, we will do it by ourselves.

Our specialists have a wide range of skills and all the necessary tools. During one visit, they can perform different types of general construction works by saving your time.

When requesting integrated maintenance any kind of finishing works will cost you less compared to the services of the Contractors and construction crews.

Our fundamental principles are competence, carefulness, individual approach.

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How do we work?

  • Monthly fee agreement

    YOU – are doing your job and forget about everyday problems at your facility.

    WE – provide full property maintenance in accordance with agreed schedule, identifying and solving any technical problems. Besides, we are ready to react on urgent applications, if you need to deal with a problem asap.

  • Agreement based on submitted request

    YOU – submit a request outlining the scope of work (as may be required).

    WE – promptly direct our specialists to fix the problem.

  • Without a contract

    Order minor repair services online in the Domer app

Amongst our clients and customers

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