Maintenance of floor cleaning equipment

Maintenance of floor cleaning equipment is certainly specific area among services provided. But clearly, it is equally necessary, because after automation of many processes, previously performed manually, the availability of such specialized equipment as floor cleaners has become the vital necessity for most business areas.

So, the equipment for automation of cleaning processes has come to stay in all areas of commercial real estate, which is not surprising and fully reasoned, because its effectiveness is high and fully justifies its cost. At the same time, the equipment referred to above is quite expensive and requires careful and timely maintenance.

Our Company has experience in floor cleaning equipment maintenance at commercial facilities, we constantly monitor its performance and take responsibility for its functioning.

Our proposed schemes for floor cleaning equipment maintenance will allow you to decide which option is most suitable for your business, either performing repair on individual requests, or providing integrated service for which you pay a monthly fee, and we ensure the proper operation of your equipment. When cooperating under integrated service provision, almost all emergencies are fixed at our expense.*

Anyway, our Company in a professional way and at a high level is ready to ensure the proper operation of your equipment in order to automate cleaning processes.

* there are some limitations depending on the type of maintenance package.

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