Maintenance of refrigeration equipment Repair and post-warranty maintenance

How to achieve reliable, trouble-free operation of refrigeration chambers, cabinets and other units? How to choose a product from a reputable manufacturer? How to calculate correctly the load, to make reliable installation? These factors are rather important, but your money will be spent in vain if you ignore another issue like the professional maintenance of refrigeration equipment.

Stores, supermarkets, food warehouses, hotels and cafes can't function without refrigerators, and round-the-clock operation, especially in summer time; this results in rapid wear of unit. Meanwhile, the breakdown may well result in significant expenses seeing that everyone knows how quickly food products spoil.

Our experts have good practical experience in the field of refrigeration equipment maintenance both trade and industrial. We try to identify any malfunction at an early stage, until it brings the entire unit out of operation. Routine technical support services will help you to extend the life of expensive equipment, as well as to avoid expenses associated with urgent repairs.

The range of works on refrigeration equipment maintenance

  • checking performance of all refrigeration unit systems;
  • technical maintenance: replacing heaters, oils, cleaning evaporators, condensers, air filters;
  • seasonal adjusting controller parameters (for winter and summer periods);
  • checking heat load, inspecting electric switchboards;
  • checking proper operation of equipment safety systems;
  • detecting failures at early stage (before external displays in work);
  • detecting freon leakage and reloading if required;
  • express delivery of spare parts if required;
  • staff education on equipment operation.

You may choose a convenient work mode for refrigeration equipment maintenance:

  • refrigeration equipment urgent maintenance on request;
  • refrigeration equipment maintenance on a predetermined schedule;
  • the conclusion of Customer Support Agreement on refrigeration equipment maintenance including a full range of rendered services.

It is no secret that problems concerning refrigeration equipment operation can be associated not only with the operation of the unit itself but also with malfunctions in electrical mains. And in this case, you may be denied in warranty repair. By ordering a full range of services on refrigeration equipment maintenance under Customer Support Agreement you can avoid such problems, as well as count on more favorable rates.

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