Installation, maintenance and repair of advertising structures: inspection and replacement of worn / damaged structural elements; replacing lamps, high-voltage wires; repair and installation of billboards; maintenance of dynamically lit signs etc.

Outdoor advertisingis the best way to communicate about yourself to a wide range of clients, but it is successful only when advertising structure functions properly: it has no defects, peeling films, burnt out lamps.

We are not engaged in design, but we can install advertising structures, perform their timely repair, as well as provide their complete maintenance.

We will order and deliver consumables, items for light boxes, signs, cross street banners, neon lights, in short everything you need for fast and high-quality repair of advertising structures. We provide both partial and complete dismantling of old structures with replacement by similar new ones.

Repair of outdoor advertising:

  • Inspection and replacement of worn or damaged structural elements.
  • Replacing lamps in light boxes.
  • Replacing high-voltage wires, high voltage transformers.
  • Repair and installation of billboards, poles, signs, steles, etc.
  • Installation of outdoor advertising on buildings foresides.
  • Repair and maintenance of rotating structures mechanisms.
  • Maintenance of dynamically lit signs.
  • Minor repair of advertising structures: sealing signs, updating plotter film cutting, reglueing offset images, covering banners, etc.

When you conclude Customer Support Agreement we independently ensure that all advertising structures, both outside and inside building are in good condition and look appealing. Any works will be performed in independent mode, without interfering with the facility operation and not distracting you from other matters.

For our clients, if considered necessary, we ensure prompt visit of specialists and urgent repairs or installation of advertising structures along with the purchase of all required materials.

As a result of cooperation with different types of commercial facilities: gas stations, hotels, supermarkets, banks, we benefit from experience in installation and repair of advertising structures of any configuration. These are signs and cross street banners, information light boards, billboards, standers, display cases, dynamically rotating structures and much more.

Outdoor advertising on foresides of our leading clients is the best proof of our work potency!

Learn more about our services in the field of installation and repair of advertising structures by telephone:
(066) 010-23-84, (093) 947-73-66

How do we work?

  • Monthly fee agreement

    YOU – are doing your job and forget about everyday problems at your facility.

    WE – provide full property maintenance in accordance with agreed schedule, identifying and solving any technical problems. Besides, we are ready to react on urgent applications, if you need to deal with a problem asap.

  • Agreement based on submitted request

    YOU – submit a request outlining the scope of work (as may be required).

    WE – promptly direct our specialists to fix the problem.

  • Without a contract

    Order minor repair services online in the Domer app

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