Integrated maintenance of real estate Buildings maintenance

The entire list of services that we offer to our clients can be brought together as integrated maintenance of real estate. The benefits of integrated services are obvious when it comes to commercial real estate.

What do you think, what are the first things clients pay attention to when they enter trade outlet, bank, cafe or hotel? On the corporate design, staff courtesy? No, the first thing they put attention to is the technical state of the facility: latest repair, proper operation of lighting, door handles and steps on the porch, and lots of other small details.

The harsh use of buildings quickly brings all aforementioned out of operation, hence the extensive team of experts is required to support the facility, namely electricians, plumbers, constructors finishers, assistants to perform mechanical works, etc.

Is it expensive? Yes, unless you conclude Customer Support Agreement for buildings and entrust us to fix all current problems.

For buildings maintenance we offer:

  • extensive team of experts who will visit your facility exactly when they are needed;
  • full maintenance, including minor repairs of real estate at your convenience (without interfering with the main business process);
  • basic stock of the most frequently used materials and accessories is available at regional warehouses of our Company which allows you to minimize as much as possible the time required to complete relevant works;
  • all our line service employees are equipped with necessary spare parts, they have complete set of all required tools;
  • clear cost control and monthly progress report.

By cooperating with Tehpidtrymka Facility Management LLC, you will not only reduce the risk of accidents, but also reduce the cost of buildings maintenance. Continuous monitoring and regular preventive maintenance will not allow expensive equipment to fail thus saving money for overhaul repairs. Moreover, you save on tools and technical staff training.

Buildings maintenance: range of services

We are ready to take on any problem that occurs at your facility during building use, including minor repairs of real estate.

Clients matter for us, that's why we are always ready to discuss the individual range of services and response time in case of emergency situations.

Besides works related to buildings maintenancewe are ready to offer our clients a number of additional services:

  • assisting during moving and rearrangement of premises,
  • procurement management,
  • supply of materials and spare parts for different types of equipment,
  • repair of office and trade equipment,
  • transfer of controllers for gas stations and other mechanical works,
  • minor finishing works which are required to be performed during building operation/maintenance.

You no longer need to spend time negotiating with numerous Contractors.
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