Facility Management Staff Recruitment

Over the past decade, multiple new business lines have emerged in the national market, and Facility Management features among them. This is a relatively new but very promising service sector enabling a customer to outsource all incidental functions and works. Thus the customer is being rendered good service, and also gets more time for carrying on main business.

We offer Technical Facility Management i.e. integrated maintenance of commercial real estate provided on request or under Agreement.

Customer Support Agreement can be concluded for a full range of services or for certain types of work::

  • If you outsource electricians then at your facility you will be provided timely repair and maintenance of electric mains (including visits on emergency service requests), inspection of switchboard rooms, laying new lines, power calculation when connecting new equipment and other types of works.
  • If you outsource locksmiths then at your facility you will be provided installation, dismantling and maintenance of metal structures, repair of entrance spaces, turnstiles, locks, maintenance of lifting equipment, etc.
  • If you outsource plumbers then at your facility you will be provided mechanical and emergency sewage cleanup, pipes laying and maintenance, installation of grease traps and other protective systems.

Full-time specialists can perform all these types of works, but for non-core companies (Retailers, Business centers, Gas stations, etc.) it makes no economic sense to recruit staff whose services will be provided only a few times per month.

By choosing to outsource technical staff, our clients gain the following benefits and advantages:

  • The building itself and all utility services upon the Agreement for maintenance are maintained in good technical condition.
  • All works are performed in independent mode, without putting off a customer from the main activity.
  • In case of emergency, we address the request from 30 minutes to 3 hours and promptly fix the problem.
  • Basic stock of the most frequently used materials and components is available at regional warehouses of our Company which allows you to minimize as much as possible the time required to complete relevant works.
  • All our line service staff are equipped with necessary spare parts, they have a complete set of all required tools.
  • Timely repairs and professional service extend the life of equipment, electric mains, and other utility services.
  • Material costs are reduced due to saving money on social benefits for staff, taxes, administrative expenses, and tools purchase.
  • Technical Facility Management offers the solution to a situation when your staff is on sick leave or vacations, our specialists will be at your facility whenever you need them.
  • We provide a warranty card for all types of work.

Outsourcing technical staff is an effective way to reduce the time and material costs on facility maintenance without sacrificing quality of work.

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